Source of knowledge and social mobility

M. R. Sakhare English Medium School, Karnataka, India

Kindergarten to Grade 10
Best days of my life.
Was very timid and shy until High school.
School Cabinet modelled on Indian Parliament          influenced me and brought my leadership abilities to the fore.
Education minister - Grade 8
Prime minister - Grade 9
President - Grade 10
Participated and won prizes in various extra curricular activities.
100/ 100 in Mathematics in Grade 7 and Grade 10 Board examination.
Awarded Best Student of the School.

P. C. Jabin Science College, Karnataka, India

Grade 11 and Grade 12 (known as Pre-University in India)
Met the best teachers
The best learning environment I have experienced so far
College topper in the final examinations out of more than 1200 students.
100/100 in Mathematics in Grade 12 Board examination.
Participated in many extracurricular activities including essay writing, elocution, singing, debate, etc. 
Awarded S. Nijalingappa Scholarship for scoring the highest marks in Grade 12 in Dharwad district and being the son of a teacher. This scholarship covered part of my University tuition.

B. V. B. College of Engineering and Technology, Karnataka, India

Chose Engineering over Medicine though I could get into the best Medical college in Karnataka on a merit seat. Reason: I believed that medicine is not for making money. You may disagree :)
Learnt close to 45 subjects over the period of 4 years. 
Not a very pleasant learning experience. 
Student secretary during my final year representing the voice of more than 1500 students.
Scored highest marks in my second semester examination state wide (close to 25000 students)
Represented Karnataka at the National Service Scheme Youth Camp. Awarded best speaker in the youth parliament.

IIIT - Hyderabad, Telangana, India 

Completed my MS by Research in Computer Science on a full fellowship (including monthly stipend for living expenses) from here. Best example of an ideal University
Down to earth professors renowned worldwide for their work. Met my mentor Dr. K. S. Rajan here who influences me till date.
Worked on satellite images to derive land cover.
Published my work in reputed international conferences and a journal.
Team leader of the first Indian team to ever participate in building a NASA sponsored CANSAT competition. The objective was to build and launch a can sized satellite weighing not more than 1000 grams to a particular height and then measure, track and visualise certain metrics. Team of 7 grouped into hardware, software and mechanical sub teams. 

Carnegie Mellon University, PA, United States of America

Gateway to the United States.
Building on my Ed tech entrepreneurial experience to help me build educational products and products in general using more formal knowledge.
A wonderful program founded and led by Prof. Kenneth Koedinger, who is also my advisor. The program is also flexible in helping the students to reach their goals. 
I am also taking some courses from Tepper School of Business to aid product management from a business perspective.
Understood what it means to be human centred, read and understood a lot of research in the ed tech space.