JeetoBharat e-Learning Platform

This platform was built by a team of 6 members led by me and a freelance lead developer based in Bangalore. 
It uses PHP in the frontend and MongoDB for the backend content. 
The web application was hosted on Amazon AWS.

Product Demo

Features of the product

Online Interactive Learning

This is the first ‘one stop’ online interactive learning portal for civil services examination preparation in India. The subscriber interacts with the system and the content is developed as a dialogue between the subscriber and the system. Based on the inputs provided by the subscriber, the system decides the next move.

Multilingual Content

The content, as of now is available in English, Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Subscribers need not have to pay additional charges for content in other languages. The default language can be set by the subscriber. Content can be studied in any of the above mentioned five languages during the course of the study. Such an option is provided based on the assumption that some things are best understood in regional languages or mother tongue. The vision is to make the content available in all the languages mentioned in the 8th schedule of Indian Constitution.

Unlimited E-Mail Support

Our team provides unlimited e-mail support for any queries that the subscribers may have in the course of their preparation. Asking questions is just a matter of clicking an icon and the said question will be attended to in 2-3 working days.

Personalised Progress Monitoring and Guidance

Technology allows us to monitor the preparation behavior of the subscriber. Limited statistics is available to the subscriber on his/her dashboard. The experts from our end will intervene and guide the subscribers if they find any anomaly in the preparation behavior.

Simulated Test Series

Once the subscriber has covered a particular percentage of the content, we activate the simulated tests that the subscriber can take at his/her own leisure.

Motivational Talks from Renowned Personalities

To refresh the minds of the aspirants, motivational talks by relevant personalities, some form of entertainment and personality development talks will be available in the form of audio embedding. In future, we plan to arrange live and recorded webcasts.

Rich and Standard Content

Standard books, magazines, online resources and experts have been used to develop world class content enriched through audio visual cues wherever necessary to help subscriber understand the concept without any hassles.

Animations, Graphics and Audio

A picture is worth thousand words and hence, our content is enriched with animations, graphics and audio embedding to help the subscribers understand the concepts and also appreciate the facts. This also enables the subscriber to develop his or her visualizing capacity.

Expert Telephonic Counseling

During the course of the subscription, a subscriber will receive limited telephonic support. The telephonic call will be made by our experts and will last up to 15-20 minutes during which an expert from our team will discuss the progress of the subscriber and also clear any other generic or specific doubts that the subscriber may have.

Teaching Time Management

Time management is as important as preparing for a competitive exam. We make use of novel techniques to make a subscriber feel the length of a minute while answering a question.

All India Live Mock Tests

These all India tests will go live on a particular date and time and will be available for both subscribers and non subscribers. Results will be published immediately and the subscribers will get to know their positions among other aspirants.

Learning and Revision Modes

During the learning mode, students understand the facts and concepts. This learning is supplemented by testing them through multiple choice questions. In the revision mode which gets activated once the subscriber has gone through the learning mode, the subscriber is given only multiple choice questions which also comprise of previous years' questions. The other questions are framed so as to meet the UPSC standards. When a subscriber errs in answering a question in the revision mode, he or she is directed to the related content to revise. This repeats until the subscriber has understood the concept to the level that he does not make any mistakes.

Online Content Development Portal

The content development of our product is an intellectual exercise carried out by experts from various subjects as well as civil services aspirants having rich experience. The preparation needs of the exam have to be understood before one starts the actual preparations. Often aspirants end up with joining sub standard tutorials and collecting huge quantity of study material that is available at the tutorials as well as in the market. This adds up pressure on the already burdened aspirant and creates a psychological blockage leading to under performance in the exam.
     The process of content development is not only an in-house activity at Compete India but also takes place online and scholars from various parts of the country contribute to the central knowledge pool. The scholars can log in from anywhere globally and submit the content. The prepared content is subjected to multiple reviews before being provided to a subscriber. In order to make learning more effective. The content is also proof read before being translated. 

A view of the online content development portal