Company: Compete India
Product: Jeetobharat

As an Entrepreneur and Founder CEO of an e-learning company, I have built a platform from an idea leading a full fledged technical team. This platform was intended to be used for preparing for a particular examination though it can be customised for other learning as well.
This platform was built by a team of 6 members led by me and a freelance lead developer based in Bangalore.
It uses PHP in the frontend and MongoDB for the backend content.
The web application was hosted on Amazon AWS.

You can watch the following video to know more about the product that we built.

Company: Compete India
Product: Online content development portal

The content development of our product was an intellectual exercise carried out by experts from various subjects as well as civil services aspirants having rich experience. The preparation needs of the exam have to be understood before one starts the actual preparations. 
The process of content development was not only an in-house activity at Compete India but also took place online and scholars from various parts of the country contributed to the central knowledge pool. The scholars could log in from anywhere globally and submit the content. The prepared content was subjected to multiple reviews before being provided to a subscriber. The content was also proof read before being translated.

Screenshot of the Content Management System / Content Development Portal

Company: Carnegie Learning
Product: Mathia (Supplemental)

The vision of this product is to provide teachers to create supplemental learning opportunities to a student or a group of students to overcome their weaknesses. This product will supplement the existing resources the teacher uses to overcome the weaknesses in mathematics topics either by standard or by topics.

New Product Launch Idea - Oppable

Where Opportunity Meets Ability