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Hello I'm Sudhir Gupta!

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Who am I?

I'm Sudhir Gupta, a Humble Human Being, Product Manager, Entrepreneur & Educationist

I will not answer this question from a philosophical perspective as that would be very challenging and I have not yet attained self-realization :)
I derive happiness by building products and solutions to delight users.
I derive happiness by constantly acquiring new skills in the pursuit of building something.
I am a great fan of companies like Google, Amazon, Netflix, Facebook and Uber, who have innovated, disrupted, delighted and continue delighting users.
I mostly love to bank on reasoning rather than emotions, but I am very much a human with very deep emotions.
I would love to make something of this life, other than buying a home, buying a car, and/or travelling business class!
I love to lead a group of individuals towards a greater cause by influence.
I have a nice blend of engineering and business skills as a result of my education and experience.

My work experience

Here's what I have done and am doing for a living

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Jul 2022 - Present Senior Learning Product Manager
Scottsdale, AZ, USA
Working remotely
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Sep 2021 - Jun 2022 Senior Product Owner
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Employed as a consultant by SDLC Partners L.P. working full time for Engen, previously Highmark Health Solutions
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Dec 2019 - Sep 2021 Senior Product Manager
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
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Apr 2018 - Dec 2018 Assistant Vice President, Knowledge
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
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Jan 2013 - Mar 2018 Founder, CEO and Managing Director
Bangalore and Hubli, Karnataka, India
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Jan 2013 - Mar 2018 Fellow/Assistant Professor
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India


Here is some formal education history. Institutes make you!

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Aug 2019 - Aug 2020 Master of Educational Technology and Applied Learning
Major: Human Computer Interaction
Degree: Masters
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July 2007 - Oct 2009 MS by Research in Computer Science Engineering
Major: Computer Science
Degree: Masters

My Skills

These are the skills I have gained or am trying to gain

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Product Management

Product Lifecycle Management Strategy Marketing Sales Enablement User Research Design Thinking Jira/Confluence A/B Testing Scrum Human Centered Design
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Python OOPs Fundamentals Bootstrap Django API Development API Testing Test Driven Development HTML CSS Javascript Version Control SQL jQuery Jenkins
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Design Sprints Figma Adobe XD Rapid Prototyping Learner Experience Design Responsive Design Storyboarding Typography
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Image Processing and ML

Tensorflow Graph Neural Networks Amazon Sagemaker OpenCV Scikit-Image NumPy NLTK
Cloud icon

Cloud Technology

AWS Solutions Storage Serverless Identity and Access Management Amazon Transcribe Amazon Polly
Learning icon

Teaching and Learning Engineering

Backward Design Legally Defensible Certification Creation Intelligent Tutor Development Teaching: Programming Fundamentals Teaching: Image Processing Teaching: Remote Sensing and GIS Docebo LMS Canvas LMS

Check out my Portfolio

Here are some projects worth sharing or those I can share!

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