Hello, my name Is Sudhir

I am an education technology enthusiast


Content Sanity Audit for Ed Tech Investments

I perform content audits to check for originality and creativity. These audits are usually requested by investment firms who are keen on investing in Ed Tech companies.

Learning Experience Evaluation for Ed Tech Platforms

Technology must aid in learning but the ultimate aim is how satisfying and fun filled the experience was from a student's perspective. I conduct surveys and interviews to evaluate learning experience of e-learning platforms.

e Learning Product Development

With my entrepreneurial experience of creating e Learning products and with lessons learnt, I now advise e Learning startups on product design, development and marketing.

Student and Parent Surveys and Interviews

I conduct surveys and interviews with all stakeholders including parents to analyse issues and provide practical solutions.

General Consulting

This kind of consulting may involve comprehensive and wholesome tasks, usually a combination of two or more of technical, sales, content and marketing - all related to e-learning.

Content Development

I have 7 years of experience leading teams to create engaging educational and training content including text, videos and graphics. Recently trying to adopt scrum for content development.


Educational Videos

Here are some sample educational videos that kids and adults alike are loving. It is a work in progress. It can definitely be better if more funds can be poured in.



I love to teach both school kids and engineering graduates and post graduates. I am currently teaching maths to kids based in the UK on an e-learning platform. I also take up pro-Bono teaching once in a year in underprivileged areas. Let me know of such opportunities.

Ed Tech Platforms

As an Entrepreneur and Founder CEO of an e-learning company, I have built a platform from an idea leading a full fledged technical team. This platform was intended to be used for preparing for a particular examination though it can be customised for other learning as well. 


Ed Tech Consulting

I consult investment firms, national and international governments who are interested in investing in Educational Technology. I work on a per-hour, retainer and project basis. 



I freelance for projects involving content creation, content marketing, title reviewing and proof-reading. Get in touch if you have such projects. 

Image Processing 

I love to work with images. I work on satellite images and medical images. I am interested in creating applications that can be applied in real life. I can code in C and Python but can pick up any programming language.


e-Learning Set up

I use a Wacom DTK 1521 and Yeti Microphones for recording e-learning videos and screencasts.

My Books

I have a fetish to collect books from my childhood. I must be honest that there are some books that I have bought but not yet read. Books are the source of knowledge and I love to read academic as well as non academic content.

My Study

This is where I work on creating content, holding conference calls, Skype interviews, etc.

My Achievements

These are my prized collection. Working for these contests has somehow helped me to excel and think big.


About me


I have a perfect blend of engineering and managerial skills arising out of my research in computer science around machine learning and image processing and entrepreneurial experience of setting up a e-learning company. I have experience of leading a team of young and enthusiastic members to develop engaging content for K-12 education and competitive examinations. I am now adding on to this practical experience in e-learning with a formal masters program at Carnegie Mellon University.
I am available for full time employment from September 2020 but can start engaging with potential employers for suitable opportunities now and start understanding the organisation and work better, should I be offered an offer.
I can work in the US on CPT/OPT but would like a H1-B sponsorship after a year or less.
I am a Permanent Resident of Canada and can thus travel visa-free and work in Canada.
I can work and travel to India by virtue of my primary citizenship.
I am a quick learner and believe that any subject can be mastered just like 'Anybody can cook' (Rataoutille :) ).
My long term goal is to design and set up a highly profitable TV channel for the youth. I also dream of a knowledge city and a digital teaching-learning-assessment platform where opportunity meets ability.
I am very good at multi-tasking and in fact need more tasks in different domains to keep myself satisfied.
I am a Certified Scrum Master and have experience using Scrum for developing content and e-learning products.


October 2018

Consulting and Freelancing

     Nowadays, I offer consultancy services to e-learning companies, investment firms, national and international governments, school managements and individual entrepreneurs in the Ed Tech domain. I help them create content that can stand out, conduct surveys and interviews for evaluating their products and services, provide inputs to engineering teams for features that can be added or enhanced in their e-learning products. I also help traditional organisations who want to go digital and start offering their courses online. 
     On-contract title review expert for subjects like Mathematics, Finance, Business Management and Computer Science.
     Teach Mathematics and English to students of 3rd to 8th grade who are based in the United Kingdom on an e-learning platform.
     Teach students of low-income families in India on a pro-bono basis.

July 2018

AVP - Knowledge, Toppr

     This was a short stint at Toppr but many lessons learnt. Toppr (www.toppr.com) is a product of Haygot Education Private Limited. It is a learning app for students studying in classes 5th to 12th and students appearing for entrance exams and scholarship exams.
     Led a team of around 100 members to create engaging and compelling content to cater to their existing 2.5 million student subscribers.
     Interfaced with the product team to provide the students with a rich learning experience. Worked closely with the Marketing team and Business team.

March 2014

JeetoBharat launched

     After 1.5 years of hard work, we launched our maiden product name JeetoBharat (Win India) that catered to online preparation for the prestigious Civil Services examination. We developed this platform from the scratch right from the ideation stage. This exam is written by more than 1 million aspirants every year and every aspirant spends an average of 3 years to prepare for this examination. 
      Apart from the business intent, this product was also launched to increase the sample space from which the officers who govern India are selected. 

July 2013

Founder CEO and Managing Director

I saw an opportunity and a problem. Quality coaching was not available for preparing for civil services examination though aspirants were spending lakhs of rupees and a lot of time. I set up an e-learning company which was incorporated as a private limited company, bootstrapped funds of around 0.5 million USD, created a team of around 25 members and started working on a product called JeetoBharat. The vision was to make enough money from this product to venture into K-12 and other segments of Indian Ed Tech market.

June 2012

Cleared Prestigious Indian Civil Services Examination

To become an IAS (Indian Administrative Services) officer was my childhood dream. So I pursued it in spite of all odds. I cleared this examination in the first attempt and was allocated Armed Forces Headquarters Service as I was a LImited Service Preference candidate with only IAS as my preference. I did not join the service. I attempted this exam again in future years but was not successful. 

November 2009

Fellow/Assistant Professor

Teaching and research at LNMIIT, Jaipur was the most enjoyable stint of my career till date. The beautiful campus on the foothills of Vindhyas surrounded by greenery with even peacocks visiting my balcony overlooking lush green lawns was heavenly. I taught subjects like remote sensing, computer programming and digital image processing. 
One of the course website is somewhat still active
The automated assignment portal which closed sharp on the deadline date and time kept my students on their toes. Though I was friendly with them outside the class, when it came to class discipline and exam evaluation, there was no soft corner even at the expense of a poor feedback for me. 

June 2007

MS by Research @ IIIT Hyderabad begins

This institution created a persona out of me. The faculty at IIIT, Hyderabad not only introduced me to various technical subjects and basics of research, the environment also helped me become a good human being. I published many papers in international conferences and was able to travel to many places across the world, thanks to my mentor and guide Dr. K. S. Rajan.

March 2006


I was not interested in the placements that BVB College of Engineering offered. Companies came and showed the pictures of their buildings and lawns but none of them stressed on the job profile, the requirements of the job or the career growth. I could not be so blind about my career. So, I decided to teach which was my passion and at least I knew the responsibilities of this job. I taught computer programming and gave a tough time to students. Gave them very challenging problems to solve from various sources.


E-mail: sudhirnagendragupta@gmail.com