About me

I am a humble human being from a middle class Indian family, forward thinking and seeking happiness all around me. I am passionate about creating economic value. I have experience converting ideas from the scratch into products and services that create economic value. As an entrepreneur, I was successful in creating a team and launching an online educational product. The product was not so successful commercially though it met user needs as I could not manage the working capital well to run the company. There were many lessons learnt which are today guiding me. This was the beginning of my product journey. Starting from a team of 3, I was able to grow the organisation to a team of 30.
I have experience in higher education, teaching at a deemed University in India as an Assistant Professor, where I worked on creating novel ways of engaging students in learning by doing (though I must agree, not all students were happy about it). I taught subjects like Computer Programming, Remote Sensing and Image Processing. I also influenced students to do research and publish papers and I believe it was a great success. Thanks to Prof. Dheeraj Sanghi, who was the Director of LNMIIT, Jaipur when I worked there.
I have worked extensively on satellite images because i love image processing though I had to take a break from that research when I ventured into entrepreneurship. I loved image processing because everything could be visualised. Even Fourier series! I enjoyed travelling eight countries publishing my work in image processing. Thanks to Dr. K. S. Rajan, from the Lab for Spatial Informatics at IIIT Hyderabad, India who is my mentor.
I had the fortune of working for a leading e-learning company in India to create engaging educational content which according to me is the 'soul' of any educational product or service.   

When passion becomes profession, it no longer feels like work

Work Mobility: I am available for full time employment in the United States from August 2020. STEM OPT allows me to work for three years on F1. However, I would like my employer to sponsor a H1B after 1 year. Let the lottery decide :). I am a permanent resident of Canada in addition to being a citizen of India. This provides me mobility to travel across North America and India without any restriction.

P.S: I also cleared the prestigious and most competitive Indian Civil Services Examination in 2011. Indian Administrative Services was my only preference and so, I did not join the other services that were available for my rank. 1000 students pass this exam every year out of the 600,000 who appear.

How can we deliver quality education to the poor in the world?

Philanthropic flavor of me:
With passing age :), I have realised that I need to focus on something I want to change and make it a life mission. The above prompt is my life mission. Please contribute your ideas using the form below. It could be ideas, supportive comments, challenges, networking help, etc.

I personally believe that education is a secular source of social mobility and can help many families worldwide to escape the cycle of poverty. Please contribute your ideas, solutions or more questions for the above prompt. It will help me to broaden my perspective and hopefully for some implementation in the future.


I believe in the following values. There may be many others that I may have accrued by virtue of my socialisation but these are the ones that I would like to explicitly state at this point of time

Happiness: I believe that this is what we must strive for in life. And maybe also spread happiness to those in need according to our ability

Empathy: I try to understand people by putting myself into their shoes. This also helps me gauge others' intent. 

Non-judgemental: We do not know everything about people with whom we interact. So, I believe that we must always be non-judgemental.

Self-respect: I am a unique soul on this earth with self-respect. I have low tolerance to people who hurt my self-respect.

Honesty: I have been through very tough times but never succumbed to being dishonest. It is probably the result of my upbringing.

Spirituality: I believe in the concept of God and many a times, spirituality helps me make decisions and also calms my agitating mind.

Poverty free world: I believe that food, shelter, clothing and a 'decent' life appropriate to our millennium is the right of every human being.